I am a retired clinical social worker,age 80,residing in Camarillo,California about 60 miles north of Los Angeles.

I’ve always loved searching for insight particularly in the area of psychology and philosophy…and this interest began during my first year of college when it became clear to me that I had not only psychological problems but also had no meaningful philosophy of life…and so this journey began in my freshman year of college when I read the complete works of Sigmund Freud thinking a man of his brilliance would give me the understanding I wanted so much.

Over the years I studied many different schools of thought hoping that simply accumulating information would bring me the knowledge I was seeking….during this time I discovered the philosophy of Taoism which dramatically moved me in a  new direction and was my first introduction to the ideas of “Flow”.

When I was in my mid twenties, I would take the summers off and become a beachcomber on the some of the beautiful beaches of Southern California.On one of my strolls along the water edge,while in a state of deep despair about what I had learned, I hopelessly let go of all my seeking and then instantly like a bolt of lighting I became aware through insight what I now look back was the most significant experience of my life…essentially,I discovered the potential awareness and benefits of moving with my natural intuitive feelings… it became a primary interest as well as determining my life style and value system.

I developed a fascination with the experience of insight which is a way of knowing beyond our control and comes from a deeper level of our subconscious mind…I fell in love with this process and in my own mind tried to define it…more than 60 years later I continue to be fascinated with this subject and now try to share with my readers what I feel have been valuable discoveries.

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  1. Good stuff and well said Sid. I am just becoming aware of flow in a big way – thanks for sharing your insight and respectfully join the flight of the geese at the back end.

  2. Thank you for sharing all that you have learned. I have found it painful to be anything but intuitive but struggled to find the words that would help give me the insights and methods to deepen the experience and ability.

    My own opinion is that this way is constitutionally more natural for some people including myself.

    Reading on non-dualism has also been helpful

  3. Thanks Sid for your enlightening messages! I email them out to friends and link to them from my Facebook page as well.

  4. Dear Michele,

    I completely agree with your comments and review of Sid’s website. As a senior citizen contemporary of Sid, I especially appreciate him and what he is doing.

    P.S. Interestingly, I read your comment just a few minutes after opening an email from one of my long-time very best friends whose family name is also “Hartley”.

  5. Dear Michele,

    I can’t tell you how deeply I appreciate your very positive review.

    Today,you made me feel a lot younger than my age.


  6. Dear Sid,
    I want to thank you for your website and all the inspiration and knowledge you impart – I wrote a review about it at http://allican.com/entertainment/weird-a-wonderful-websites/440-flow-psychology-explorations-into-the-psyche-for-the-layman.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights – you truly inspired me this morning.


  7. Hi there!
    I stumbled upon your blog today and look forward to reading your articles. The titles reflect a seasoned mind with profound insights.

  8. Hi Sid,

    Always great to hear from another Sid…I had the pleasure of visiting your blog and feel now as one of the “Flock of Geese”…my problem is I am not as intelligent as geese but working on it !…thanks for your subscription and being one of the “birds of a feather”.

    Best Wishes,

  9. Morning Sid,
    Today someone was able to call me b/c they found my # through a few links connecting them to my ‘sidsflockofgeese…’ site. That made me curious to see if the geese site showed up in google. A few searches for ‘sid’ and ‘geese’ landed me here….a resting place on my journey. Kind of synchronous, don’t you think? I look forward to getting nourishment from you and others who have found this place. Thanks, Sid

  10. Hi Michelle,

    i am always delighted to receive positive and encouraging comments but now especially coming from another social worker.

    Best wishes,

  11. Hey Sid,

    Thank you for putting this site together! I think it is a very helpful resource. I am actually a social worker too and have come to the same conclusion you have about the importance of the right brain to individuals and society as a whole. I am excited to see increased awareness about the value and power of the right brain. I feel it’s the side of us that will change the world….for the better.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks for the advice 🙂 Definitely have that in mind…have decided to join administrative services – to work towards development, here in India.

    I intend to pursue my topics of interest alongside, and also apply them to bring about better work conditions here (especially needed in government offices).

    I only hope I have what it takes to be an effective officer on that big a scale.

  13. Chandni,

    looking forward to the “grand opening” of your planned blog….I think you will find that your insight will become deeper as you are challenged to express your self in print…it is a worthwhile experience.

    Ideally if you find a career related to your interest in psychological freedom will offer a more successful and meaningful life.


  14. A little busy with making a career for myself right now, but will definitely think about starting a blog soon…especially after seeing how amazingly you’ve shaped yours 🙂


  15. Hi Chandni,

    there is the state of Existential Despair/Anxiety which suddenly paves the way for Existential Freedom

    I recall reading about Existential Despair/Existential Freedom but found their description too intellectual and abstract for my appetite… however I found your link excellent and surely written by someone who has a concrete experience of liberation…the concept of yin / yang is closer to my gut feelings…if your interested in writing a blog page on the subject let me know…you may find readers who would be interested and benefit from your contribution.


  16. 🙂 Yes, it has. Thanks for putting it like that.
    I have a tendency to see different interpretations at different times…you might be knowing that in Philosophy, there is the state of Existential Despair/Anxiety which suddenly paves the way for Existential Freedom. These ideas actually helped me get through those times, as I had found a way of looking at what I was going through.


    Existential freedom is supposed to be a state that can’t be intellectually grasped, according to some philosophers. For this philosopher, Kierkegaard, the existentially free man is a ‘man of faith’.
    There definitely are commonalities underlying all interpretations – and working of the right brain seems to connect them all in an amazing way, but as you know, the left brain never tires of attempting to find the single, most accurate interpretation 😛

    Will continue to follow your blog for sure. Have shared it with many of my friends too 😀


  17. Hi Chandi,

    Thanks your very supportive comment…it is such responses that make my efforts worth while.

    I found that my experience was essentially a “letting go of false expectations which had created a sense of hopeless frustrations along with a feeling of heaviness and futility…when I gave up these demanding expectations I suddenly felt a deep feeling of freedom and lightness…it was then that I realized who I really am and embraced myself with a new enthusiasm for life…the most important lesson I learned was the ability to “let go” usually by repeating these words as a mantra when in a state of stress…I see it as the key in dealing with life’s problems even more than 50 years later…life always has down times and storms but it offers us challenges to find our self again.

    Hope my response has been helpful’


  18. But there’s no doubt that my life has never been the same since then – I can’t tell you how amazing and exciting everything looks to me now. But then there are those short spells when I yet again find myself a little frustrated…I feel a little restless at not being able to comprehend how my life changed so much in 2-3 years, and how most people around me don’t understand my new perspective anymore…

    But I really want to know how you have to come to see that ‘event’ in your life?

  19. Hi Sid,
    I was introduced to your blog through a common friend – Sonia/Premo. I have been following your blog regularly ever since, and this comes a little late but I think you and your blog are brilliant! Thank you so much.
    I even added you on Facebook to get access to any other links you might recommend.
    I just want to ask you something, if you don’t mind. Your experiences and how you were opened to a broader view of life (when still in college) – are very similar to my own experience, happened more or less 2 years back. i’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what I went through and how I was suddenly released of all fears (momentarily)…

  20. Jo…The title of this blog is “Flow Like Water” so “Be Like Water” is still available and appropriate…I searched the web for your blog but unable to find it…I agree a forum on this topic would be beneficial but it needs an intense “Flow” to achieve beyond my capabilities…Sid

  21. I found your blog through a blogsearch of Be like water. It was a title search for the name of my blog. Happy to have found it. Would have liked to keep the blog title though. I believe the world needs a free spiritual forum, a big extroverted one, with volunteers. Just tinkering with it, but for now its called ‘Be like water. . .’

  22. Sid: found your blog with a google “right brain training” search and am enjoying it lots, back again.

  23. Hi Bill

    I appreciate your excellent review of the overall view of the blog…I did research your question several months ago and posted a blog,Right Brained Children which addresses the problem you raise…there is a book published called “The Right Brained Child in a Left Brain World”which explores these issues in more detail.


  24. Yes! Left brain dominance serves each of us as we develop our role in life (ego). Then we make the mistake to believe that role is our identify. We hold onto to it as tho clinging to a lifeboat which is craziness and the cause of suffering as Buddha said. Instead we ought let it go just as an actor does when s/he lets go of her role when the curtain goes down. We need to learn to play with our role, stop defending, explaining, justifying its behaviors and encourage the right
    brain to come into balance and live in our rightful spiritual legacy as human beings.

    But what happens when a child grows up without left brain dominance and forgoes all those steps needed to negotiate life in society? Is he sick?
    I don’t think so, but he will likely fail at school and be indifferent to what people think and to go along with social expectations. He will suffer. Is there a way to help him?
    He might be of superior intelligence and failing in society. I know one like that.
    I am delighted to have found you.

  25. Tim…The blog is best understood by readers who are inclined to be introspective…both introverts and extroverts have this capability…some of my blogs are specially focused toward the introverted personality…see joy of solitude and creative solitude…I did a draft blog on Introversion…please check it out and let me know if you like to explore it further and we can examine this problem in greater depth…Sid

  26. Hey you have a great website, but i feel like “Introvert” and “extroverts” and what that means explains so much and is necessary in understanding your other topics on here. just think it would add to it

  27. Hi Sid
    what wonderfull info thanks. I am a post grad final year student in Psychotherapy, and am a healer and Reiki Master practicing some 8 years in Sydney. I use intuition in my counselling/healing sessions and love this info on your site. I have sent it to many friends.
    thanks Georgio

  28. Hi there Sid,

    Amazing blog. Stumbled across it today when i was searching for info on Melatonin and the pineal gland.

    Best wishes, CrazyLifes.

  29. Cathy…Jill Taylor wrote a book,”Stroke of Insight” which was a best seller and discussed in detail her recovery from a stroke…Sid

  30. Sid..thx..does I watched Jill’s video..which was VERY moving! Does she have a book or website telling how she healed her brain..if it was traditional physical therapy or if she did energy work? Thx!


  31. Cathy…There has been studies that have shown the brain can be rewired after a brain injury…Jill Bolte Taylor loss all use of left brain function following a stroke but recovered fully over a period of 8 years of rehabilitation therapy…Sid

  32. Sid,
    I am enjoying your website..it really speaks to me. I just read a review of a book on Amazon about a doctor that is studying brain injuries (through imaging) and he talks about how these injuries affect personalities and are causative of other disorders (ADHD, etc.) Even though the injuries were mild, they can still significantly affect personality and thought process decades later. It seems to me that there must be a way to heal these old brain injuries by stimulating areas of the brain–maybe through meditation, hypnosis, etc. What do you think of this idea? I truly feel this is possible! Thx!

  33. Thanks Janet for your very supportive comment…I would love to know more about your right brain coaching…Sid

  34. ps. Appreciate the wealth of wisdom you are sharing!

  35. Delighted to find your blog! I’ve been an advocate for the right brain most of my life, although I didn’t know to call it that until recent years. I’ve evolved to become a ‘right brain coach’… I know you can imagine, then, my delight at finding your blog as an affirmation for my passion. Thank you.

  36. Sid, your entry about the Butterfly-Effect was simply awesome! 🙂 I was doing a research for a paper that I have to do for university when I accidently found your blog 🙂
    I´ll keep your blog in my reader! It´s great!
    Best wishes from Austria

  37. notify me of new post via mail

  38. Hi Stella…I will send you an email regarding possible further contact and communications…Sid

  39. Hi,

    I’ve just started a book and I’m interviewing elders. Would you mind meeting with me?


  40. Hi Sid love your posts please look up The Bahai Faith it is amazing tooo

    Much Love

  41. Hi Ron,

    I did visit your site and tried to sign in but unable to find the join entry.

    I do know how satisfying it is sharing important experiences and thoughts on the Internet particularly at our stage of life…would you be able to send me a sample of your writing?…it would be helpful to understand our common interests.

    Looking forward hearing from you.


  42. Sid, I just discovered your blog yesterday while browsing on-line for ideas about my own intended WordPress site. I am writing because I feel affinity with your philosophy and worldview. Like you, I am a 77 year old retired Californian, long interested in many of the same ideas which interest you. Like you, my interest was awakened experientially long ago by what I called mystical experiences, not “right brain” experiences. For the past 30 years I have written many whimsical and serious aphorisms, poems, and essays on these subjects, all of which I now wish to share freely with others on-line at sillysutras.com. Your thoughts and ideas of how I can best accomplish this, would be greatly valued and appreciated.

  43. Hi Sid,

    I’m very happy to see another great site about right brain. When I first learned about right brain was from a book that I’ve bought during my vacation in China. Prof. Makoto Shichida is a very famous researcher from Japan on this field.
    I’ve tried several times to search on google to see what it gives me in return of searching on ‘right brain’. To my astonishment, little was found. I believe in the greatness the right brain is giving us; it’s just a matter of time when peaople realize what our brain yields. Qipeng

  44. Dear sid, Congrats on the site. I too am a fan of Jill Taylor. In my work of trainign teachers I do a lot of right brain stuff. Schools around the world are still far too left brained. I continue to read your pages with great interest and a lot of gratitude. Kevin

  45. Hi Jenn,

    I’ve have always admired the unconditional love of dogs free of any expectations or pretenses.

    There is nothing more beautiful than watching a young child and puppy play together sharing their intense love and Joy of life much of which has been long lost by adults.

    Perhaps dogs do offer us an opportunity to be better in touch with the natural right brain to bring us back to an awareness of who we really are.


  46. I wanted to see who this man was who started such an incredible site. I have always, for as long as I could remember, had a spiritual connection with dogs. I have had dogs since birth. I say spiritual because my energy changes when I am around them. I can feel it pysically as well as mentally. I now have several dogs. When I feel sick, uneasy or feel any type of dis-ease inside myself, I stop what I am doing and lay on the floor (on my back) and my dogs immediately come over to me and sense this distress. They do not respond the same way if I were to lay in my bed or on the couch. The floor seems to put them in some sort of healing mode. they begin to comfort me with such an abundance of love, devotion, attention, focus and an obvious intention to help me. I can feel the frequency of energy change in my body immediatly. I can feel balance coming in. It is a tremedous feeling of lightness, clarity and inner joy that is hard for me to describe with words. I lose the sense of feeling like a physical being in that moment. I believe that I connect with their frequency in a way that I cannot with humans, except that of my children. jen

  47. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your positive comment…I suggest you look at blog Nirvana-Right Brain for further information on your question.

    Please let me know if you have other questions.


  48. Jill Bolte Taylor

    This is the second time I have watched this video and have gotten insight with each viewing. The clip connected deeper with me this second time, following several months of intense meditation where I have felt the oneness with the universe and a connection with the all . . . God . . . His (Her) . . . creatures . . . and the spacious energy that is created from within.
    Does meditation produce the switch to temporarily “shut down,” or “silence” the left side of the brain? Does it help with creativity, understanding, joy and forgiveness, none of which traits could be found hanging out with “Lefty?”
    I thought for a moment she was a Zen Master describing her road to Nirvana.
    Maybe she is . . .
    Maybe we all have that same capability!
    What did Spike Lee Say?
    Do The Right Thing.
    How appropriate for our choice of brain links.
    Michael J

  49. Thank you for all the time and effort that you have devoted to putting together this website. It is very valuable and I hope that many more people will learn from it as I have.

  50. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your interesting comment!…if I can be helpful in the development of your blog please let me know.


  51. Thank you so much for this blog. I definitely wish I’d found it much sooner, as your life history is quite close to mine in many ways.

    I actually found you as I was doing research on the possibility of creating a blog on “whole brain” therapy…maximizing healing potential via understanding brain physiology and function.

    I’d become increasingly impressed with the power of the right brain, including my encounter with Taylor’s stroke insights.

    My very strong interest in this field comes from many directions, but largely from discovering late in life that my mother had always suffered from mild but never healed traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a very serious traffic accident that happened when she was a young woman. She was able to do rote repetitive activities and she could write and speak, but her right brain was barely in evidence.

  52. Hi Joe,

    Our long term memory is subconscious while the short term is conscious…an example of feeding our subconscious to the conscious occurs when letting go of trying to recall a name only to find out it pops up to our awareness.

    Some of our subconscious memory is inborn perhaps in the way Carl Jung described in his theory of “Collective Unconsciousness”.

    When we learn to drive a car,it is totally conscious but after a period of practice we are able to drive without giving it much attention.

    Your questions are interesting !


  53. By the way Sid I to got into Lao Tzu and Chaung Tzu..after I had been practicing throwing the coins of I Ching for many years.

  54. Is it possibile to feed subconscious thoughts to to the conscious mind?
    Is it only memory in the subconscious mind? and could that memory be created from the whole of nature when we are born.
    Very interesting stuff.

  55. How wonderful to find you spreading this wisdom to us all. Thanks for sharing your other cyber hangout.;>)

  56. Dan,

    See page “About your questions and comments”


  57. Sid,

    Great blog!

    Would you please list some of those books that you read on Taoism? Thank you.


  58. Sid,
    Great blog. Looking forward to learning more about you and your research. Thanks for visiting my site. Have a wonderful day!

  59. HI SID
    you look AMAZING!!

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