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Scientist in brain development tell us our brain is like a camera and, through right brain function, we are continually recording everything we see, hear, smell, taste and touch – as images. It’s the right brain’s mass-memory, automatic processing capability that allows our brain to file, organize and store all these memory images instantly.

But, the fact that our memory has this capacity doesn’t mean we can bring any memory we choose to our outer awareness at will. According to science, the lion’s share of our memory is stored at subconscious levels, which is not so easily moved to our left brain’s conscious awareness unless we have the right pathways developed between these two hemispheres.

The connections that make it happen are called “synapses.” And, the more synapses we have and the stronger those connections are, the more conscious memory we can produce and the faster we can bring those memories forward as useful information.

We’ve heard that musical greats like Wagner were almost tormented by the music they heard flowing through their minds to such a degree that they could scarcely write it down fast enough! Have you ever had a brilliant idea come to you so fast that you couldn’t write down in time? We all get a flash of genius from time to time – great ideas that come to our awareness then seem to fade back into the mist.

Creating more connections between the conscious left brain and massive memory capacity of the right brain can make these flashes of genius more dynamic and useful in our daily lives – especially when it comes to cognitive learning.

With very young children, creating these connections isn’t a problem. Between the ages of about 0-6, it’s estimated that children have about 10 quadrillion synapses. This number declines with age simply due to lack of use (what we don’t use, we lose). Estimates vary but, as adults, we may have anywhere from 1 – 5 quadrillion synapses (roughly half those of a child). How our brain connections were wired when young depended on how we were or weren’t stimulated in our early years.

The right brain is referred to as the “image brain” stores everything as images. To our right brain, all thoughts, feelings, etc. are images. When we start developing right brain function more and more, we’ll find many memories appearing in our mind as images that our left brain can interpret and put into an understandable logical sequence for our outer conscious mind to understand.

Training young children in ways that strengthens the right left brain pathways is simpler because they have many quadrillions of synapses to work with and few “logical” left brain functions getting in the way. Maria Montessori, one of the pioneer educators of our time, said children have an “absorbent mind”; they literally soak in, like a sponge, everything around them.

What we allow our young children to be exposed to at home and in the world plays a large role in how many pathways are formed between the right brain’s vast potential and the left brain’s logic-based function. More importantly, all sense simulations, both bad and good, are stored in the subconscious and play a role in how brain connections are made.

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