Surrender is giving up the deep belief that we are a separate self with a very important personal history requiring a continuous preoccupation with the past and future…the experience of surrender most often occurs when our personal self is in a deep state of failure and hopelessness…and we involuntarily give up our struggle only to find we are in a profound peaceful awareness of the “now”…it is as if we had fallen through a trap door to a vast freedom.

There is a feeling that we “have all the time in the world” just looking around at what we had long forgotten…no longer does the past and future seem important but instead the “now” has a sense of completion and contentment…it offers us a much greater meaning in life than any personal history.

The fear of failure and hopelessness is gone along with its social beliefs and judgments…there is a feeling we have grown up and no longer a victim of society’s falsehoods…and we are free to follow whatever our heart desires…these desires were always there but largely ignored because we felt they didn’t offer us a good personal history.

And when we follow our desires, we find they flow effortlessly and do not have any predestination…there is no path but instead a feeling of moving in a direction much more intelligently than our conscious choice…and if we follow our unique interests over a lifetime, we will find there is a continuous growth in our understanding and appreciation of what we have experienced… most importantly, we will feel we had led a full and meaningful life.

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