“Mind meld” is a term used to describe synchronizing our mind with that of someone else, and providing access to their thoughts, memories and emotional state.

Most of us have experienced what it feels like to understand another person in an intuitive way, what is often referred to as “instant rapport” or “clicking” or “being in sync.” It can forge a powerful and sustained interpersonal bond.

Neuroscience researchers actually saw this “clicking” as it occurred in people’s brains. They went so far as to assert that two brains can be “coupled” in a way that generates nearly identical neurological signatures.

During a conversation in which both parties experience mutual rapport, their respective brain activity is closely aligned. So when it feels like you and another person are on the same wavelength, you probably are – not just mentally and emotionally, but also neurologically. And while you can’t read that person’s mind, you may be able to intimately sense their feelings or thoughts..

Storytelling played a major role of “being in sync”. Interestingly, the emergence of human culture long ago, sharing stories, both real and fictional, has been the primary means for imparting historical events, values, life lessons, and spiritual beliefs.If you want to connect with someone on a deeper level, exchange stories that evoke emotions, catalyze thinking, generate mental images and communicate meaning.

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  1. I have always been extremely skeptical of anything “soul mate”, “love at first sight” and “fate” related. With that being said, I question 2 of those now. I was married 14 years, made the decision to get divorced & immediately (within days of my decision) met the man whom I couldn’t be more connected with. We lived 100 miles apart & actually met because of my now, ex-husband. We both consider ourselves “odd” based on common perceptions. We always try to call each other at the same time, text each other the same messages, say the same things at the same time. Once we were both “stuck” on the same song. I kept reciting it silently in my head & I heard him humming it. I asked him about it & he wasn’t sure what the song was. We hadn’t heard the song together, we just both seemed to be rolling it around in our heads.
    I’m not sure how to describe the two of us but I do question how the two of us happened to find each other-if it was by fate & I couldn’t imagine ever finding someone who is more of a soul mate. We have been together for 3 years now & have never argued & disagree about very few things.
    I don’t think you can ever make someone perfect for you, no matter how much you try to connect with them emotionally. If that was the case, I would still be with my ex-husband since I hate the concept of divorce & only believe it should be gone into under the worst of circumstances.

  2. Pam…I am uncomfortable with the expression “soul mate”…I would rather state it as being at home or “in sync” with some one else’s subconscious mind which is a very selective process particularly for the solitary or introverted personality…life for them is first to be a good friend to them self and once achieved it is easier to find a mate….Sid

  3. I have been trying to figure out if ‘soul mates’ actually exists. This piece seems to say that it is actually something you can do with any individual we have the will to do it…

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