By:Melvyn Wartella

Sometimes when I have talked with people about the nature of the ego and its unreality they feel somewhat depressed because all they know is the ego and the fear of losing it leaves them with nothing. So, it seems to them at first. Some feel fear and wonder what will happen to them if they do go beyond the ego. One fellow even thought that the universe would end if the ego does. Such thinking is normal and a natural feeling from the ego perspective. So, it seems important to go into what is beyond the ego.

If one really sees what the ego is, then they will also see that it has never been a reality. Therefore, the only thing in ones life that will change is the perspective of the mind free of ego. This is a major shift in how we perceive reality. When the ego is not demanding attention and distorting everything we think, then the mind is free to truly be creative. It is not limited to what has been, to its history, it prejudices, and its fears. It raises ones intelligence to a much higher level. Not that the brain is somehow more powerful than before but it is free of seeing through the limits of ego insecurity. The mind is wide open and honest with itself. In that openness, it is free to think in ways it could not imagine in the past.When the ego is out of the way, seen through, the heart is also wide open. It no longer sees any one or thing as being outside of what it is. The capacity to love becomes much more powerful and goes to a far deeper level. With that love, it is also far more compassionate and can have great empathy with all other expressions of it’s Being. One finds it impossible to hate. We see through hate for what it is, a distorted view of reality, an ego game. Far from losing the personality when the ego is not there, it becomes a real expression of the true individual, the undivided Being.

In the freedom from ego, one finds peace in not having to be anything or anyone. Yet, we are more than we have ever imagined without any effort or game playing. We no longer feel we have to do this or that to be accepted by our society or ourselves. Just simply being what we are in complete honesty is more than we could have ever wanted. This doesn’t all come about in one day. We have developed many habits for millennia that must be allowed to die away of there own accord. If we try to push them away, we just give them strength and they will continue playing themselves out. If we are just aware of them as they take place and don’t judge them, they will just fade away.

The old self would deny all the negative things in our lives to try to keep the dream a happy one and to feel secure. The new being welcomes anything that brings out the seeming negative waste of the past so we can see it clearly and go beyond it. We can find ourselves acting out old stories and reacting to things as a habit of the old self. We may even seem to be lost back in ego again but we can never really be lost again. We just need to see where that reaction is coming from and let it go.

It is very helpful if you have friends who are going through the same awakening you are to help keep one another reminded of what is real. Good spiritual company is wonderful and so helpful.Awakening to what we are beyond the ego is also an acceleration in the evolution of the human species. We are being held back by the past as ego. It, the ego, has been an invisible wall that keeps us from going beyond our primitive past. Without the ego, we can be more open to the new. We also get away from the constant need for security of this dream called ego.Without going into it in great detail now, I will write more on it in the near future, we are heading towards a state of being that is far more in tune with the nature of reality. We are living in a creative flux that has no limits at all. As we open to this limitless state, we start to see how fluid creation is. We start to experience capacities we never knew we had. Some will experience more than others will at first. Just as some have certain talents that others don’t seem to possess. In time, we will all develop these capacities because they will become the norm.I have been very fortunate in this lifetime to have had many such wonderful experiences. These experiences in themselves are not what is important, but what they point to, hint at, is very important. It has shown me that we are far more than we ever thought we were. Also, that life is magical, wondrous, and completely creative. We start to see that time and space and all creation are just an expression of what we are. The idea of death becomes so silly that we no longer fear it. Even a state of no experience at all is far more alive than any ego dream of life after death. We see that cause and effect are just part of this flux of creativity and that we as Awareness are beyond it all.

We cannot be unaware. The ego mind can be lost in its dreams and seem to be unaware but that is not true Awareness. Awareness canot be anything other than what it is, and it is eternal. When we are just simply aware to the point of not identifying with anything, but just simple seeing, then we are no longer in ego. We are in Awareness, as Awareness. In that state there is poise, joy and creativity with out any need to express.Far from the end of the ego being death, it is Life in It’s fullness. Open to Life and find the Freedom you have always been.

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