The author of this poem and website,Jonothon ,writes in detail and eloquence his spiritual transcendence from a bipolar personality disorder…one of the pages on his website is devoted to relevant poems one of which he shares his excellent understanding of the left / right brain role in causing his disorder and also their value in his recovery.



You are born with two brains
One is logical, the other insane

The left stuck in the physical
The other connected to the spiritual

One side tells you to stand to reason
The other saying frak them and their treason

Education brings forth the left
Prepares the free spirit to creative death

We are conditioned to be their slaves
Without right brain, you will behave

The right side has had enough
This left sided living is too tough

Boom, crash, wallop, there she blows
What the frak happened, I don’t know

Was everything taught, been a lie
I’m in a dark place, I begin to cry

Woah, everything is normal
it’s not so good

Flip reverse,
bring on the world

Which is right, which is wrong?
So I listen to this song

of depression and suicide
in a world where I just want to hide
from the creators of my demise

One day of sadness
The next, one of madness

For some hours I am of passion
Then cycles back to that of depression

After years, I do now see
What programming has done to me

All in all, is Bipolar an ailment?
It may well be if considered failure

Of their system programming
Under the rule of a faceless being

I am rewriting their script
It’s time for them to take a hit

You can not cure me with drugs
I have no illness, you made it up

BPD is a gift
I see the best and worst of it

Of a world that rules with paper
A planet of beauty within nature

I know it’s hard on the left side
But it’s up to for you to decide

A right brain will get you through it
A left side, as how you choose it

I have the power of the universe
But I still return to search

For the work that the right has started
On the orders, when she’s departed

I am here and there
I no longer need to stare

At a world of their creation
It has no bearing, it’s a fiction

Use Spiritual powers for the good
Your Life will begin to improve

I am the master of my mind
I programme my left side