When I was nine years old my family moved to Brooklyn from the lower east side of Manhattan,,,little did I know that I was now living only a couple of blocks from Ebbets Field,the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers and for that matter,it didn’t seem of any importance until I made a good friend in my class who was a big Dodger fan.

001305618He told me all about the Dodgers much to my fascination and also began teaching me how to play baseball…and it wasn’t long before we not only became best of friends,but also played and practised baseball because we had both decided we were going to be major league players when we grew up.

I had taken it so seriously that I began reading newspapers about the happenings of the Dodgers and books about the finer points of the game….little did I realize,I was learning how to read in ways that school had never achieved…my friend and I learned how to sneak into Dodger games for we never had the money to buy a ticket and after all if there is a will there is a way.

jackie_robinsonWe wanted to study the players because we thought that it would be the best way to learn how to be a major league player…we had our idols and those were the ones we imitated when we practised.

But as we entered into high school these childhood fantasies seem to fade out and the hard, cold realities of life began moving in to take their place.



2 Responses

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Beautifully said!

    I can still remember how intense the colors and odors of being in Ebbets Field lite up all my senses…it was as if I was in Heaven…I still have nostalgic feelings of wanting to again experience what seems only given to the innocence of childhood.


  2. when we are young, Dreams are not diluted. They have the luxury of be nurtured full strength; in its purest most authentic state, untouched/unfiltered/undiluted by the harsh/astringent forces of societies concocted reality where responsibily and worry wash out the innocence, joy, hope and belief in our once perfect, indestructable dream. jen

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