Source: Continuity of Consciousness

Can it be that Timeless Consciousness creates our physical body and returns at time of death ???

It is a scientific challenge to discuss new hypotheses that could explain the reported Near Death Experiences of interconnectedness with the consciousness of other persons and of deceased relatives, to explain the possibility to experience instantaneously and simultaneously non-locality (unknown location) “life review’ and a preview of someone’s life in a dimension without our conventional concept of time and space, where all past, present and future events exist, and the possibility to have clear consciousness with memories from early childhood, with self-identity, with cognition, and with emotion, and the possibility of perception out and above one’s lifeless body.

Quantum mechanical processes could have something critical to explain on how consciousness and memories relate with the brain and the body during normal daily activities as well as during brain death or clinical death.

Quantum physics has completely overturned the existing view of our material, manifest world, the so-called real-space. Instead it sees the Universe consisting of “particles” which for simplification can be understood as material and invisible “waves” which can be thought of as having spiritual qualities…and they interact similar to yin/yang.

Waves can be found in a “phase-space” which is an invisible, non-local, higher-dimensional space consisting of fields of probability, where every past and future event is available as a possibility.Within this wave phase-space no matter is present, everything belongs to uncertainty, and neither measurements nor observations are possible by physicists. The act of observation instantly changes it to particles through the collapse of the wave function. Hence a tree does not exist until a observer looks at it. Our brain creates and translates everything it perceives into a form understood by our self. The observer and observed are one.

The wave phase-speed varies from the speed of light to infinity, while the speed of particles in our manifest physical real-space varies from zero to the speed of light. At the speed of light, the speed of a particle and the speed of the wave are identical. But the slower the particle, the faster the wave-speed, and when the particle stops, the wave-speed is infinite. Everything visible emanates from the invisible wave.

Our whole and undivided consciousness with memories finds its origin in, and is stored in the wave phase-space, while the cortex only serves as a relay station for parts of our consciousness. In this concept consciousness is not physically rooted. This could be compared with the Internet, which does not originate from the computer itself, but is only received by it.

The particle can be measured by means of EEG, MEG, MRI, and PET scan.The wave or our indestructible consciousness with non-local interconnectedness, is not measurable by physical means. When we die, our consciousness will no longer have particles, but only eternal waves .

Following an NDE most people, often to their own amazement and confusion, experience an enhanced intuitive sensibility, like clairvoyance or prognostic dreams, in which they “dream” about future events. In people with an NDE the functional receiving capacity seems to be permanently enhanced. When you compare this with a TV set, you receive not only Channel 1, the transmission of your personal consciousness, but simultaneously Channels 2, 3 and 4 with aspects of consciousness of others.

Could our brain be compared to the TV set, which receives electromagnetic waves and transforms them into image and sound, as well as to the TV camera, which transforms image and sound into electromagnetic waves? These electromagnetic waves holds the essence of all information, but is only perceivable by our senses through suitable material instruments like camera and TV set.

The informational fields of our consciousness and of our memories, both evolving during our lifetime by our experiences and by the informational input from our sense organs, are present around us,and become available to our waking consciousness only through our material functioning brain (and other cells of our body). As soon as the function of the brain has been lost, as in clinical death or brain death, memories and consciousness still exist, but the receptivity is lost, the connection is interrupted.

According to this concept we can conclude that our consciousness could be based on waves of information. .At brain death the interface between consciousness and physical body, is interrupted.

Such understanding fundamentally changes one’s opinion about death, because of the almost unavoidable conclusion that at the time of physical death consciousness will continue to be experienced in another dimension, in an invisible and immaterial world) wave phase-space, in which all past, present and future is enclosed.People with an NDE did not quite die, but they all were very, very close to death, without a functioning brain.

The conclusion that consciousness can be experienced independently of brain function might well induce a huge change in the scientific paradigm in western medicine.

We finally should consider the possibility that death, like birth, may well be a mere passing from one state of consciousness to another.

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