After watching the video (see video below ) by Dr. Jill bolte Taylor describing her spiritual experience following a stroke, I began searching the Internet for responses to her presentation… perhaps the most impressive response was by a Buddhist monk,Wong Weng, supporting Dr.Taylor’s claims to have what is spiritually known as Nirvana.


“Harvard-trained brain scientist or neroanatomist,Dr Jill Taylor, discovered the nirvanic function of the right brain after an unexpected and sudden attack of stroke. She discovered that silence or stillness of the mind occurs in the human right brain.

In order to enjoy the silence or complete peace of mind, a person needs only to shift the functioning of one’s mind from the left brain’s neural circuitry to that of the right brain. She confirms that the chatter of the human mind can be stilled or silenced if that crucial shift is made. All yogi or mediators will certainly concur with her on her unveiling discovery or finding as it is generally agreed that tranquility-insight meditation functions only in the right brain.

The most important discovery of Dr. Jill B. Taylor is that she categorically reveals that the left brain is egoistic, intellectual (logic) and attached to time and that the right brain is egoless, intuitional and time-transcendent.

Dr. Jill B. Taylor’s Ted conference’s video presentation of hers unveiling scienctific revelation from her direct empirical experience. Her talk elucidated and invigorated the communal truth of insight self-realized by the religious sages of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Sufi gnostics and other religious sages. Dr. Jill B.Tylor’s personal scientific discovery and revelation of the mind of nirvanic;a or the mind of the Buddha (We may designate it also as the Mind of God) unveils the pathway on how all human beings are able to create the deep inner peace of mind.

The creation of inner peace of mind is effected by shifting the function of the human mind from the left brain to the right brain. She instructed that we should step to the right brain from the chatter of the left brain to live a more balanced life. This is actually a very profound spiritual messages of all religious supreme masters. She has syncretised the wisdom of science and religion. This is a supreme gift to the secular world.

The ordinary worldlings are easily perturbable or easily agitated because they utilize the function of the left brain and neglect the usage of the right brain. The left brain is noisy and spiritually ignorant; the right brain is appeased or nirvanic and is insightfully wise. A sage or saint is a gnostic or discerning one because he or she is adept at utilizing the right brain functioning to unlock the gate to the world of spiritual or mystical wisdom. Spiritual or mystical wisdom rectifies human mind, improves, enhances and even perfects human character formation. This is the pragmatic value of spiritualism or mysticism regulating fallible mundane life.

Buddhistively put, a wise person, constantly utilizing his right brain to engage in mundane or secular activities, is said to function with the Buddha-mind or the nirvanic mind – the complete silence of the mind while remaining active occupationally and socially in the present life.”

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  1. Hey sid,

    I would just like to thank you for you quick reply and say that what you are doing here is really amazing.

    Thanks again,

  2. Phil…this is a question that many readers have asked…I have begun a new blog, FlowTherapy.net in which I make an attempt to point in a direction that may be helpful to some…Sid

  3. How do I open the door to the right hemisphere? I would love to be able to quietly bring myself to peace this way. Please tell me how I can successfully jump into the right side!

  4. Hi Mr Sid,

    i did a page on Mr Jill. I also felt what she had to say in the last five minutes was significant, so I made a transcript.


    I saw somewhere that EGO is an acronym for “Edging God Out” Religion has replaced our ability to experience god for ourselves (Nirvana, the zone, Harmony, centering, connectedness, whatever) The same things happening, what we call it depends entirely on our world view.

    P.S. Mr. is an honorific I give to non-idiots. I’m not confused,(at least about this, other things maybe)

  5. Thanks Kathy…your right,that sentence is confusing and has been removed…Sid

  6. Misprint? “Comparative put, the right brain is the function of ‘Mind’ whilst the right brain is the function of ‘Heart’.

  7. hi sid, i like your observation that jill has received a “gift”. i see it as a chrysalis. i think each hemisphere has it’s separate pathways for perceiving and rendering input synchronous in nature; perceptual and logical. if one views the brain as a two story duplex with an interconnecting door on each floor, the door to the right hemisphere has been locked in western society. on the right perceptual level this would be nirvana on the right logical level this would be a savant. if one carries this thought to the extreme, all right brain would be an idiot savant, all left brain would be a sociopath. (or an idiot, in the sense that was described in one of your other essays, i use the word idiot in much the same way, to describe a person who can’t open the door). walt

  8. Michael,

    It is interesting that “gifts” come in strange packages…usually ones we try to resist and avoid.


  9. I just love reading what the Monk has to say about the right brain and the “gift” provided the world by Jill Taylor. I think our universe is quite a bit better off for her presentation.

    michael j, still enthralled.

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