Source: Ecstatic Dance

The body has its own wisdom and knowledge of how to move and express itself. From a very early age we begin to experiment with moving around, crawling, then walking, then running and jumping. We become explorers of the world around us and all its wonders. We search out the joys of the world using our bodies, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching everything in sight. The body becomes the vehicle of our exuberance, our curiosity, our expressions of delight in our discovery of this playground called life.

Also from an early age we are taught how to act, how to move or not move, how to behave. “Please quit jumping around”, “Don’t touch that”, “Stand over here and be still”, “can’t you please calm down?”. Our enthusiasms are restrained, our zest for high activity is tempered, we become over time “domesticated”, “refined”. Over time we accept these trainings and internalize these restrictions to our movement. We now know how to “behave”.

Ecstatic dance is about letting go of these now self-imposed restrictions. It is a setting aside of the intellect and all it’s concepts of how not to move. It is an opening to new ways to express oneself in movement, to explore the world again, to have that passion once more, that love of life that you once had as a child. This dance is not a structured dance that follows a certain form. It is not taught really, but rather invited. It is an invitation to explore different rhythms, patterns and movements. It is an invitation to listen to your own body, which now becomes the teacher. It is an invitation to tap into that internal wisdom of how to express yourself through the body. It is about finding your own dance from within.

It is an invitation to listen to the body, to tap into the body’s own intelligence that already knows how to do outrageous dancing. To break free of personal boundaries. To co-create fantastic energetics on the floor with other dancers. To play again with the wild abandon of a child. To revel in spirit and the joy of life while moving to the sounds of world grooves.

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