Effortless energy moves by itself…it becomes automatic by moving into autopilot. This can occur when our intuitive mind finds an enjoyable activity, which takes over moving the way it wants to move, and expresses whatever it wants to express. Our intuition is capable of learning how to perform better by itself…and can integrate new improvements more easily by itself.

Intuition takes over when we suspend the controlled energy of our rational mind and let the intuitive process perform by itself.

Self consciousness is a hindrance to the effortless execution of physical and psychological activities. The highest state of action is freedom from the self. It is a state where you are in the flow of the intuitive mind. You’re moving and not moving at all. It is not, “I am doing it,” but rather “it is simply happening,”

This state of awareness is the opposite of self-consciousness. In effortlessness, time disappears. It is impossible to be self-conscious and totally involved in an activity at the same time. Self consciousness is a barrier between the actor and the action. When you forget your own presence, you attain a state of oneness with the activity and become absorbed in a way that loses the sense of time.