When we let ourselves experience loneliness and boredom, we come closer to subconscious intuition from which creativity and contentment emerge. It is out of the boredom and emptiness of our conscious awareness that new ideas and peace of mind can be born…  unfortunately we often experience boredom as laziness and the failure of an inactive self.

The most creative people… are known to have the greatest toleration for long periods of uncertainty and boredom… allowing uninterrupted boredom may be the first step toward feeling connected. It may take a little bit of tolerance of an initial feeling of boredom, to discover a comfort level with not being linked in and engaged and stimulated every second…in many ways it is similar to the goal of spiritual meditation and surrender….and it also can  open up the experience of alpha brain waves.

If you think of boredom as the prelude to creativity, and loneliness as the prelude to engagement of the imagination, then they may be experienced as good things. They are doorways to something better, as opposed to something to be abhorred and eradicated immediately.

In the end the words ‘boredom’ and ‘loneliness’ are just judgmental ways of looking at basic parts of the human experience.

The trick to benefiting from being bored or lonely is simply to allow it. When you find yourself being bored or lonely or even just scared of being bored and lonely – don’t resist it. Just let yourself experience it

“The life of a creator is not the only life nor perhaps the most interesting which a man leads. There is a time for play and a time for work, a time for creation and a time for lying fallow. And there is a time, glorious too in its own way, when one scarcely exists, when one is a complete void. I mean — when boredom seems the very stuff of life.” ~Henry Miller

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  1. Jen,

    Check out the pages below:

    Ego Surrender

    Spiritual Surrender


  2. Sid,

    I do understand what you are saying. You are right. Those of us who were born with a strong right brain tendency and who had families that nurtured the creative process do have easy access to that frequency.

    But it is never too late. The first and biggest step is realizing that these capabilities are real. The second step is tapping into it. There are many levels to which we become connected. You don’t have to levitate to feel connected. (I actually believe the human condition is capable of levitating. I believe we have to alter our frequency to that of gravity and somehow calibrate our balance within the pulses of earths gravitational force field. We have to blend with gravity instead of resist it. kind of what we can do in water.I have done it many times in my dreams.)

    Anyway, As I was saying; your right brain isn’t outside yourself. It is there waiting patiently for your conscious mind to enter. It’s like religion. You have to really believe and surrender your control…you must have faith. You will never get there thinking with your left brain as your guide, no matter how much you know and how much you research. Connecting with your right brain is not about academics it’s about faith and surrender. Those who whine that it’s too hard don’t want to work hard to achieve their goal. Remember; No Force, No push, No think………..Just believe and surrender…believe and surrender.

    The climb to the highest mountain starts with one step. Think of being one with the right brain and it will become so.
    Many , many years ago I got a fortune cookie that said “He who is flexible never gets bent out of shape”. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. Force begets resistance. Surrender to what you want, don’t fight it. Give your self to it. When you say you “Can’t”, or it’s too “hard” you close the doors to “can” and “easy”. A 4 year college degree basically takes 4 years.

    So if you truly want to consciously become aware of your right brain from experiencing it you have to take a leap of faith and BELIEVE it is your birthright waiting for you to claim. The only obstacles are the ones you tell yourself are there. Work hard on it. Take one baby step at a time. Practice, practice and practice. Riding a bike is easy only after we mastered it. You can’t just make some attempts to enter your right brain capabilities and feel frustrated and hopeless when you don’t connect, when you can’t blend with the flow. You have to surrender to it until…….

  3. Jen,

    I agree with most of what you’re saying but feel that your ability to be in the right brain is a result of your early childhood experiences.

    I am aware of your creative flowing when expressing some of your ideas… As much as you want to share your experiences with others it can be difficult for the left brain to understand… particularly if one has been raised in a dominant left brain family environment.

    My goal in this blog is to explain the right brain in a way that a left brain person would understand… although I do not have your right brain abilities I can sense their difficulty in experiencing the right brain.

    I feel that at times I want to change what you are saying so that it’s more appealing to the left brain reasoning… And it feels like a very challenging task to achieve.


  4. Sid, our left brain doesn’t lock the door. The left brain loves the right brain, the 2 just run on different frequencies. You are not your left brain. you are your whole brain. It is your conscious that is stuck in the frequency of your left brain. Your subconscious is in your right brain and left brain, that’s still you.

    The question is how do you get your conscious mind into your right brain? The door to the right brain is wide open, you just have to find your way. You have to channel your focus, not on thought but on the energy around you. I can do it anywhere at any given time but the best is when it happens spontaneously. I have to force myself to live in my left brain at times. My energy flows more automatic to my right brain. I am highly creative.

    The drawback is we live in a left brain society and I often have to focus on keeping my frequency at a faster beat. When you are in left brain mode you are in touch with every sense in the moment and it keeps changing, and you are separate from what you are doing. you feel yourself a separate entity who is participating in something.

    When you are in right brain mode you and what you are doing and feeling are one. In the right brain you feel connected to your focus. you see yourself in the picture…you are the picture. in the left brain you clearly see yourself as a completely self functioning individual part. When you are in the right brain you don’t even see yourself. It’s hard to explain. you feel blended into the environment that you are interacting with.

    The only feeling I can equate it with is if you have ever been Madly and passionately in love and while you were kissing this person you lost sense of the physical separateness and lost touch with where you ended and they begun. You felt woozy and blended like your bodies had no boundaries or physical borders the lines of who you were separately…. blurred, . Well, when you go into your right brain, physical boundaries blur. you feel more like a soul that’s visible but not solid.

    The real problem is I don’t know how to tell someone how to get there. All I have to do is stare and let go, and in less than a minute I am there. The “Door” to the right brain is really just about changing your frequency. when your brain is at the right frequency you have access to all of what the right brain provides. Sometimes I have a hard time leaving the right brain frequency and I really need to deal with left brain stuff so I drink a half cup of coffee and it helps me stay focused in the left brain task at hand.

    I suggest going to a quiet, comforting place that has tranquil rhythmic sounds…waves….waterfall…country…. or soft chanting music or spiritual music will do.(My father always painted to the soft music of the Fiji Islands. It was drums and chanting stuff. But that’s what helped him stay in the creative zone.) Make sure it’s a place that you will get no interruptions and a place where you feel safe. once you are in this environment find an insignificant object to stare at. Start to focus your thoughts on deep inhales and powerful exhales, you can even count 7 seconds in 7 seconds out. If you have to think don’t think in words. think in images. better yet don’t think at all. Don’t think about being in your right brain, that means you are thinking. You will flow into your right brain frequency automatically.

    Once there, you can just relax and feel the peace and enjoy it. feel it cleanse your mind, body and soul or use this place to be creative. Start to listen for ideas that pop in your head or begin drawing, writing , painting or what ever you feel you want to enter you. but still you must not think. When you are in the right brain thoughts come to you, you don’t create the thought.

    The more you learn how to change your frequency on demand the easier it will become, and slowly you will start to be very aware of how to channel it’s energy to how you want to utilize it.

    I am a poet. My greatest work is when I cease to think and instead just write the words that flow into my mind. I have completed my most profound work in a matter of minutes. If I am stuck it means I lost the flow.

    Remember…the right brain isn’t really a door or secret pathway, it is as available to you as the air. The trick is get to its frequency. Meditation is your quickest route. How do you get air? you breathe it in. How do you get to your right brain? breathe it in.

  5. Hi Jen

    How do we delve into the right brain is the big question especially when our left brain locks up its door.

    My own experience is that it is most likely to occur when the left brain goes through a humiliating failure.


  6. This thing we call science is just the primative left brains atempt to make sense of all that already exists; all of which the right brain already knows…in detail. You will learn more by delving into your own right brain then you will ever understand through text books.
    Boredom and loneliness are simple states of mind; left brain mind. When you have easy concious access to your right brai,n you dream of being alone so that you won’t be bored.

  7. “Science without religion is crippled;religion without science is blind”~Albert Einstein

  8. It is refreshing to find a scientist who has recognized the ‘marriage of science and spirituality’. Very cool.

  9. The marriage of science and spirituality will historically be a momentous event.

    All we can do is add a grain of sand to the mountain from where we can see the truth.


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