“The only way to solve a problem is to expand your awareness.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Just as the pupils of our eyes can expand and contract spontaneously depending on the light, our conscious mind, also has the ability to expand and contract depending on our needs and desire…the expanded mind occurs when we are in a state of deep relaxation at which time the door to our intuitive mind opens up allowing many of its extraordinary qualities to be expressed including creativity and imagination…a baby naturally lives in an expanded intuitive mind  and can notice beauty and experience delight wherever it wanders being fully appreciative  of the new, while in the “now”.

But as the child grows older, there is a contraction  of its mind…the primary reason for this change is the developing rational mind with its tendency to divide everything into separate parts. ..when entering school, our educational process is designed to focus on the importance of information and knowledge…it is believed the more we master these rational subjects , the more we are considered intelligent…there is very little or no attention given to the valuable gifts of  the expanded intuitive mind…Albert Einstein has said, “the only thing interfering with my learning is my education”.

We can enter a state of intuitive openness when we are totally involved in an activity that captures our full attention ….at such time we forget both our self and the sense of time…they are highly enjoyable experiences and our performance is usually excellent.

Most spiritual practices are attempts to expand the mind by using relaxation experiences such as meditation and contemplation…our minds naturally expand prior to falling asleep and soon after waking up particularly when our eyes are closed and we are facing total darkness…it is often the best time for an awareness of our creative abilities.

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