“Those who lives the Tao ( Flow ) acts in their life and dealings as water acts in nature. Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless — suggesting the invisibility of the Tao — yet life-giving. It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete” ~Taoism

Water covers 75 percent of the earth’s surface and is also 75 percent of our body weight… water helps us define our true nature…interestingly, water flows in ways consistent with our intuitive guide and rather free from rational directions.

Water resist containment and seeks ways to move on a journey of its own inclination…our social conditioning tries to meet definite expectations and goals….however our intuitive guide wants to be free to follow its own unique course.

A river flows, not in a fixed route, rather it follows the contour of the land and, if the landscape changes, the river changes course…change is usually dreaded by rational thinking which wants fixed goals while our intuitive guide is flexibly open to new directions.

The river follows the easiest route, the path of least resistance and its movement is effortless…rational thoughts follows set goals requiring much effort and resistance….but our intuitive guide is relatively free from motivations and its movements are largely effortless and free from resistance.

At times the river will disappear, deep underground but will resurface eventually…our obsessed rational thoughts can’t forget self consciousness… while our intuitive guide is able to lose itself in enjoyable activities.

3 Responses

  1. I like the way you collected different parts of intuition to make one interrelated concept…it is holistic thinking which is another function of intuition…

  2. I love this article of yours. I have always loved water, the sound of its flowing splash- so cleansing, so rejuvenating. How wonderful you have brought intuition and water together, so wonderfully described and explained 🙂

    I can’t help but compile your description of intuition together, as I really like it:

    “the intuitive process wants to be free to follow its own unique course …
    our intuition is flexible continually open to new directions …
    intuition is relatively free from the motivations of the self and its movements are largely effortless and free from resistance …
    intuition is able to lose itself in enjoyable activities …”

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