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Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. ~Wayne Dyer

In quantum physics,”the butterfly effect”describes life as infinitely moving in a creative flow beyond our comprehension and prediction…somehow we feel separate from this extraordinary flow as it seems to contradict our most precious beliefs about being a separate self…primarily it questions our belief in being able to control and set goals of our own choice…as a species we may need to make dramatic changes in these contradictions in order to survive.

The ancient Taoist gives us a hint on life’s flow as being similar to water and suggest the sage should follow its course:

One of the most used symbols of Taoism is that of water. Water is in many ways a Taoist ideal. Water stays low (seeks the lowest level) and humble, as the Tao does. Water nurtures all life, as the Tao does, yet does not seek to control. When water comes to an obstacle it doesn’t fight or worry or even think about it. It just moves around it. Yet because it is patient, and always act in accordance with its own inner nature, there is nothing water can not overcome.


Our physical body largely follows the rhythm of this flow and there is much evidence that our subconscious mind also is in harmony with this flow .. however our conscious self has been conditioned to believe it is a separate entity responsible for its action and possess a “free will” to assume whatever goals it chooses…we tend to ignore and suppress our subconscious with it messages of being part of an inseparable “Universal Flow” far more intelligent than anything our conscious self can imagine.

The video clips on this blog express the deep yearning to return to the earthy roots of Nature’s Flow.

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