Contributor : Jennifer

As a child, all my family members referred to me as just “a little monkey” I was athletic,small and swung from trees and ropes and anything else I could climb with the greatest of ease. Every aspect of my body moved to the vibration/frequency of the “beat” of the particular environment I was sharing in that moment and more importantly; the beat of the action we were sharing.

When I climbed a tree, I never felt like there is this tree and I will climb it. I always saw the tree as a playmate. The tree and I were sharing something; it was a joint effort. some trees enticed me (I was drawn to them as if they were calling me). I never thought about what branch should I grab. I just was “one” with the tree and propelled forward.

I want to explain the “Automatic Flow” in a way that EVERYONE can understand and identify with because I feel it is really important for everyone to know that they too have this capability built in as a birthright.

Let’s start with our 5 senses. These senses aren’t really tangible but because we are consciously aware of them and because they are available to us we feel like they are tangible. We are able to guide our selves through life and often away from danger because of and through our 5 senses.

Now lets consider an analogy that includes one of our senses; sound. Lets talk about music. music is heard. we hear it through sound, but we often talk about feeling music; feeling it inside our body. Those who “feel” its beat, its rhythm can often move to it, with it as if it part of them, inside of them….no longer separate or outside of them. When you watch these people dance you can see that they are indeed “one” with the music. their movements are calibrated and in-sync….in perfect harmony with the music. Thus we, as a race, can identify with…we can understand it…because we can feel it and see it. because our own conscious senses are directly involved.

Now, lets talk about “Automatic Flow” with the sound (a force/energy not to be seen or touched)of music; to which our physical bodies have the capability to move in harmony with; becoming ‘one” with the frequency of sound….sound with a beat…sound with a rhythm.

Now lets carry that over to our right brain senses, which is still part of us but not part of our 5 senses. This sense allows you to “dance” to be “one” with the outside environment/with the world/with the universe. What if we could “hear the music” sort of speak…not with ears but with another sense? A sense called “instinct”. We often refer to this sense as the “sixth sense”,and what if we could hear the music of the environment we are in; immediate (the tree) or wide (the forest) and bring it into our bodies, and become one with it? what if we can adapt our frequency to that of the music and dance in perfect harmony to it? Do dancers watch their feet. do they count their steps do they think about what they will do next? or do they just go with the flow of the rhythm? They aren’t “thinking” about the music, they are feeling it inside them; moving in perfect harmony with it.Their bodies adjust to the musics frequency.

This is “Automatic Flow” and the greatest Athletes with out realizing it, have the innate ability to dance with their immediate environment…a dance so graceful…so harmonious….so in-sync that they are called “naturals”. They are gifted dances…except their gift of rhythm isn’t to the sound of music…but the the music of their environment.

Your environment has a frequency (a level of energy) that you can feel inside your subconscious self (right brain). if you can blend your frequency with it and make it the same (share the rhythm) then your energy will become interchangeable with the environment making you “one”; you are channeling your common denominator. Once this happens you are no longer defying the laws of nature/ the laws of the universe. your energy and your environments energy are blended with no boundaries blocking or separating them. When this happens, what ever you do can’t deviate from your intention because your intention is the same as the environment’s intention and it can only bring one outcome…the shared, perfectly calibrated, in-sync, harmonious byproduct/result …..The home run, the touch down, the hole in one, the perfect pitch, the throw through the hoop……The intended goal. If you throw one ball it can only end up in one place. If the environment and you have one
intention then it has to end up there. For those who like math;  human + environment + synchronization of frequency + focused intention = conception of intention. If you drop one of these the outcome changes.

I hope I was able to explain this theory in a way that EVERYONE can understand. Its not as hard as it seems, as I figured this out at age 4 but only have the vocabulary now as an adult to explain it.

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