Source: Human Suffering

“You are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your mind”~ Zen saying

In the most private spaces of each person’s subconscious mind, a deep dissatisfaction is lurking, a nagging sense that life is somehow out of kilter, misaligned, not quite as it should be.

No matter how rich or secure or successful a person may be,this fundamental dissatisfaction still persists. The reasons for that dissatisfaction are clear. Everything a human being hopes for is in some sense imperfect, disappointing, or hollow. In the end we all die, which is the ultimate disappointment.

The mistake that leads to suffering is the simple delusion that the fundamental dissatisfaction can be extinguished by gaining more pleasure or feeling less pain or, in other words, by getting more of what we want.

The root cause of suffering is that we unrelentingly struggle to get rid of the fundamental dissatisfaction by means of the fulfillment of our desires, and yet that dissatisfaction sticks to us as a perpetual, unanswerable craving.

It can be difficult to realize that the fundamental dissatisfaction even exists, because it is veiled by our restless struggle to get rid of it. Once we realize that it exists, we’re too horrified to accept that it really is unquenchable.

Paradoxically, by facing the emptiness and by surrendering completely to its inevitability, we come to a deep peace and the end of suffering.

Pain is natural and inevitable, and all animals feel it, but the condition of suffering is unnecessary.

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