“If you can’t explain it to a six year old child, you do not understand it well enough” ~ Albert Einstein

Young children naturally believe in ghosts but this belief gradually fades out as they get older… However when children enter school they are taught about socially conditioned types of ghosts… they are beliefs in ghosts who haunt us when we fail to meet social expectations… And these ghosts often remain with us during our lifetime.

A ghost is a member of a larger community of ghosts sharing similar beliefs… There is the ghost of failure, the ghost of rejection, the ghost of isolation and many, many other related ghosts acting together to control our life.

We make every effort to satisfy their goals hoping to avoid their haunting us with anxiety and guilt feelings… We generally do not realize that the ghosts within us are imaginary but instead we factually believe we have realistically created these goals within our self .

At some point in our life we may be unable to fulfill all our planned goals and give up out of exhaustion… We may simply then accept failure, accept rejection, and accept isolation as just an unfortunate experience …  When this happens our ghosts are unable to haunt us with their painful feelings… With no function to play, the ghosts simply disappear and we are then able to gain the freedom to be more truly ourselves without the tyranny of ghosts.

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