“There is beauty and serenity in the eye of the storm.”- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

All of us have experienced at different times in our life overwhelming inner and outer storms which were unavoidable and uncontrollable…but nature gives us a clue on how to transcend this experience by finding “the eye of the storm.”….every storm whether within or outside has its own peaceful eye.

Our natural tendency is to struggle in an effort to escape or overcome the storm…but some storms are inescapable and can’t be overcome…we are faced with our worst fears and helplessness.

However, it is in our effort to struggle that prevents us from finding the blissful peace in the eye of the storm…strangely it is in giving up our effort that we immediately move beyond the storm into a transcendent state free of any vulnerability…the experience cannot be intentional or voluntary but more an act of trust and faith.

Those who have found this secret key no longer feel threatened by storms but instead see them as an opportunity to find an awareness not commonly experienced in everyday life.

“Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~Albert Einstein

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