“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” ― Albert Einstein

Synchronicity opens up the question as to whether our minds are also related to a universal intuitive intelligence…could it be that our subconscious possess the same powers or is an extension of an intuitive universe ?… which would also help explain the feeling of Oneness…Albert Einstein refers to intuition as”sacred”.

Or is synchronicity just a coincidence? Who hasn’t had it happen in their life? You think of someone for the first time in years, and run into them a few hours later. An unusual phrase you’d never heard before jumps out at you three times in the same day. On a back street in a foreign country, you bump into a college roommate. A book falls off the shelf at the bookstore and it’s exactly what you need.

Is it only the law of averages playing itself out? Or is it, as Carl Jung believed, a glimpse into the underlying order of the universe? He coined the term synchronicity to describe what he called the “a causal connecting principle” that links mind and matter. He said this underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. Such synchronicities occur, he theorized, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. He described three types that he had observed:

1) The coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event;
2) A dream, vision or premonition of something that then happens in the future;
3) A dream or vision that coincides with an event occurring at a distance.

Some scientists see a theoretical grounding for synchronicity in quantum physics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory. They are finding that the isolation and separation of objects from each other is more apparent than real; at deeper levels, everything — atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals, people — participates in a sensitive, flowing web of information.

Physicists have shown, for example, that if two photons are separated, no matter by how far, a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other.

“Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.”~Deepak Chopra

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  1. Kevin…Synchroncity and intuition have much in common…Carl Jung and Albert Einstein are the best sources of understanding about this mysterious process…I have searched for equivalent writings on the “Law of Attraction” but unsuccessful…I have many questions about their ideas but was unable to find satisfactory answers…

  2. synchronicity could very well be expressed by the universal law of attraction

  3. I have recently been feeling as if the world is molding itself for me. Do you think this is possible?
    I listen to certain songs at home (which are never played on the radio) and then I hear them at stores, places I visit. I recently interracted with an owl and felt overwhelmed by the experience and now I see owls everywhere I go. Not just pictures or images, but real owls. I have always had chance encounters and experiences, but it seems now that all my coincidences are connected to what I’m thinking and feeling.

  4. I have noticed when I give of my self with not expecting anything in return, I seem to get back the most of what I wanted. I have many complex examples of this,but a simple one just happened the other day. I was looking for my car keys for about 45 minutes. I had searched everywhere they could possibly be twice and searched places they couldn’t possible be. I was FRUSTRATED. My daughter then asked me if I had seen her homework sheet that she left on the desk. I told her no. I stopped searching for my keys to help her look for here homework sheet. Within one minute I found my keys in a place I would have never looked. They were in the paper recyclable garbage. My daughters homework was not there but we did find it. My keys were there because aparently when I was throwing out some old magazines i had my keys in my hand and just dropped everything in the bin with out realizing it. I might have never found my keys had I not stopped to help my daughter.

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