The end of seeking is seeing life as it is, beyond the story, which always happens now.

The end of seeking is identical with the presence that you already are, the presence in which all thought-constructed narratives about ‘seeking’ and a projected ‘end of seeking’ appear.

Seeing life as it is, is identical with the seeing through of this presently-arising seeking illusion (which we call the seeker).

The end of seeking is not in the future – it is right here in the present seeing-through of the seeker, which is the seeing-through of time itself.

The seeker is time.

The seeing-through of time – and the seeker – is not itself in time. It is not a ‘special event’. It is right here, in and as this presence. It is most ordinary. And in that ordinariness, extraordinary.

The seeker doesn’t do this seeing. It is the seeker who is seen. “By WHOM”? There is only that question, and it too is seen.

You don’t need a ‘special event’ to for this to be the case. It is already the case – that is the point.

No teachers, no students. No awakened beings, no unawakened beings. No path nor absence of a path. No gurus, no disciples. Simply life making love to itself, dancing as all of this, appearing as something we call ‘world’, as all that you see and all that you cannot see, arising and falling back into the barest emptiness, timelessly and forever…

And the emptiness is not a cold, dark, empty emptiness —but a rich, full, alive emptiness, pregnant with infinite possibility, saturated with this… incomprehensible intimacy that should, by all accounts, be impossible —and yet, undeniably, is.

Nothing is not nothing, not the absence of all things, but also the presence of them, so that nothing is really everything…. and so it all ends not in nihilism, but in wonder, in fascination, in the kind of gratitude that breaks your heart.

Yes, all that is left is a radical simplicity that cannot be taught, cannot be formulated, reified, systematized, and ultimately cannot even be named —but still, it is all there is, and all there has ever been, and all there needs to be, because only a separate mind would ever want more.

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