Source: Permissive Ego

    A permissive ego is without abdication or dissolution, permits the expression of unanalyzed thoughts, intuitions, unconventional and novel associations, the expression of free-floating emotions and all sorts of intimacies and participations with “lower caste’ elements of the personality such as impulsive drives to action,automatic behavior, fantasies, wishes, creativity, fantasy, direct feeling, immediacy of experience openness to the sensual, biological and animal, capacity to full sexual enjoyment, ability for play, humor, adult childishness, even the ability to sleep and dream ... all require an ego which can leave the stage.What, then, are the component elements of ego permissiveness, or openness to experience?* Tolerance for regressive experiences (affects, childishness, fantasy, daydreaming, etc.)* Tolerance for logical inconsistencies (seeming impossibilities or bizarre implications)

    * Constructive use of imagination (uses fantasies in a creative way)

    * Altered states (inspirational experiences with relative breakdowns of reality orientation)

    * Peak experiences (seeks experiences which are overwhelming, enrapturing, and thrilling)

    * They have operationalized openness to experience as non-defensiveness, willingness to share experiences, openness to the unknown and unknowable, to emotions, ideas and spirituality, and to seeming incompatibilities.

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