Source:The Secret Realm of Our Subsconscious

Our subconscious is a complex mechanism that records, stores and processes huge amounts of information every single day of our lives. Where does all this information go? We certainly do not remember each and every thing that passes us by and yet most of us are able to recall the minutest of details if required.

The ubconscious comprises of 90% of the human mind, where as the conscious mind is only 10% . Therefore, the subconscious is more powerful than the conscious mind, which does all the logic, thinking and intellect. The subconscious has no logic or intellect. It function on the basis of instinct and whatever beliefs and ideas that have seeped in subconscious. It does not have the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong or acceptable and unacceptable behavior or thought. Due to this lack of judgment, if a belief becomes deep-seated in the  subconscious, it is very difficult to convince a person to believe otherwise.

The Subconscious carries within itself eternal memory – everything that the human race has gone though over billions of years is believed to be stored under the deep, dark folds of the subconscious. It will be difficult for people to carry on their daily lives if they had to carry the burden of memories of millions of years. Therefore, all these ancient memories remain forgotten and buried and surface only when need arises.

The subconscious mind is where all everything is neatly filed and stored and can be accessed or rather recalled at the appropriate time. However, this is not our active memory, which is why, usually a trigger is required to invoke any memory or detail. This function is just like a computer’s memory – in order to access any file where a particular data is stored, you must know the file location to choose, open and then access the data stored there. Similarly, the subconscious mind suddenly flashes certain memories that got triggered through some event.

For example, you may be in a bookstore and suddenly a particular book cover reminds you of a kindergarten schoolmate. The memory of this schoolmate was probably triggered because the shade of purple used on the book cover is exactly of the same shade that this classmate used to wear.

Why should there not also be a universal consciousness?  It would be aligned with the cosmos and on this level both intellect and instinct merge to become intuition – ’the inner tutor’. At this stage, the conscious is one with the universe and all duality is non-existent and there is a sense of completeness.

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