Most people interpret doodling as inattention…however it was found doodling doesn’t reduce concentration, it enhances it.

Research psychologists tested doodlers against non-doodlers. .they had both listen to a boring telephone message, and tested their memory of the message.

The doodlers remembered about 29% more detail than those who apparently paid attention. The listeners, unable to maintain interest, zoned out. In contrast, doodling helped prevent the doodlers from drifting off.

Maybe you’ve noticed that walking, showering, and other routine activities allows our subconscious voice to be heard…the subconscous mind expresses it self promarily through images and feelings…aimless scribbling and doodling opens the subconscious mind in the same way focuses attention and improves memory.

We get some of our best ideas, at least our most creative ideas, from our subconscious. Daydreaming is a great source of creative ideas, because daydreams come from the subconscious. Doodling apparently puts the product of the daydreams on paper, while taking our attention off of the daydream. It’s like getting into the flow of anything—musical improvisation, your golf swing, dancing, writing, brainstorming—anything creative. Don’t think about it and you do it better.

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