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Death is nothing to fear. It is only another dimension. ~Wayne Dyer

Some people who have survived a life-threatening crisis report an extraordinary experience called a Near-Death Experience. (NDE) occurs with increasing frequency because of improved survival rates resulting from modern techniques of resuscitation. The content of NDE and the effects on patients seem similar worldwide, across all cultures and times.

There are persons in a coma and declared brain dead by physicians reporting after regaining consciousness, that they had experienced clear consciousness with memories, emotions, and perception out of and above their body during the period of their coma, also “seeing” nurses, physicians and family in and around the ICU. Does brain death really means death, or is it just the beginning of the process of dying that can last for hours to days, and what happens to consciousness during this period? Should we also consider the possibility that someone who is clinically dead experience consciousness?…and even whether there could still be consciousness after someone really has died, when their body is cold?

Our confrontation with death raises many basic questions.. Why are we afraid of death? Are our concepts about death correct? Most of us believe that death is the end of our existence; we believe that it is the end of everything we are. We believe that the death of our body is the end of our identity, the end of our thoughts and memories, that it is the end of our consciousness.

In the “out-of-body” experience people have perceptions from a position outside and above their lifeless body. NDEers have the feeling that they have apparently taken off their body like an old coat and to their surprise they appear to have retained their own identity with the possibility of perception, emotions, and a very clear consciousness. This out-of-body experience is scientifically important because doctors, nurses, and relatives can verify the reported perceptions.

During the “life review” experience the person feels the presence and renewed experience of not only every act but also every thought from one’s past life, and one realizes that all of it is an energy field which influences oneself as well as others. All that has been done and thought seems to be significant and stored. Insight is obtained about whether love was given or on the contrary withheld. Because one is connected with the memories, emotions and consciousness of another person, you experience the consequences of your own thoughts, words and actions to that other person at the very moment in the past that they occurred. Hence there is during a life review a connection withthe fields of consciousness of other persons as well as with your own fields of consciousness (interconnectedness). Patients survey their whole life in one glance; time and space do not seem to exist during such an experience. Instantaneously they are where they concentrate upon and they can talk for hours about the content of the life review even though the resuscitation only took minutes.

If deceased acquaintances or relatives are encountered in an otherworldly dimension, they are usually recognized by their appearance, while communication is possible through thought transfer. Thus, during an NDE it is also possible to come into contact with fields of consciousness of deceased persons (interconnectedness). Sometimes persons are met whose death was impossible to have known are encountered during an NDE.

Some persons can describe how they returned into their body, mostly through the top of the head, after they had come to understand through wordless communication with a Being of Light or a deceased relative that “it wasn’t their time yet” or that “they still had a task to fulfil.” The conscious return into the body is experienced as something very oppressive. They regain consciousness in their body and realize that they are “locked up” in their body, meaning again all the pain and restriction of their disease. They also realize that a part of their consciousness with deep knowledge and understanding as well as the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance have been taken away from them again.

Nearly all people who have experienced an NDE lose their fear of death. This is due to the realization that there is a continuation of consciousness, even when you have been declared dead by bystanders or even by doctors….and you are separated from the lifeless body,but still retain the ability of perception.

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  1. Sandy,

    This is a wonderful example of the power of “letting go”…it is also an indication of how intense our control mechanism determines our well being.

    When under unusual stress I try to identify what I am trying to “hold on” to and concentrate on letting it go and will use these words as a mantra.


  2. My experience with this was in a car accident when I was 16. At an intersection a speeding, loaded gravel truck hit the car at the level of the back wheel.
    I thought “So this is it.”
    A moment of regret that it was so soon and regret for my parents’ suffering.
    I “felt” my whole life.
    I accepted my death….I let go…and was filled with peace..the most perfect rest I’ve ever known.
    We had done a 180 degree arc. I opened my eyes.

    It only takes a moment to get home……

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