Contributor: Jennifer

Sid, You have the mechanics of “flow” down to a science, but being in the “Zone” is more surreal than mechanics. Yes, the “mechanics” should be there but even with the mechanics there is no guarantee of perfect harmonious flow. Only a few achieve this; Prodigies are a good example.

Some one may play the piano beautifully and perfectly but something is missing. When you are 100% in the flow or in the zone, you are using your mechanics by rote but you are tapping into an altered state. You feel light and invincible. You are connecting with an energy or better yet, an intelligence, that is in the “air” not in yourself. You click into a portal. Those who know what I am talking about know that it is a euphoric state of mind. You are not in real time and you feel it. You are not even a separate body. You actually feel as if you are blended with what you are doing.

There are levels of this, and one is always aware, in a surreal, almost slow motion kinda way, that you are there in the zone to perform your feat. You are right Sid, there is no stress in that moment because there is no thinking. The only pathway there is to stop all thinking with words. Your minds only feels thoughts and images. When this happens Sid, time doesn’t exist. There are no steps in thought, every feeling happens simultaneously, yet in slow motion…you actually enter another dimension. Even though a bystander or witness can see the pianist hands and fingers moving quickly, the pianist who is really in the zone, as is with prodigies don’t feel like they are moving fast with time. They feel peaceful and almost observing from out side their bodies, but not completely separate.

It’s as if there are no solid borders holding your energy (your sixth sense of awareness) inside the confines of the physical mass of your body. You feel yourself more of energy than of mass. If you ask anyone who can and has entered this state to read the above and ask if it is accurate, I know, without a single doubt, those who truly have reached this zone will say; YES…YES..YES…this is it.

 For those who have not experienced it..they can read description after description and yet never truly grasp it because if they never entered another dimension, they can never imagine it just using their 5 senses because the 5 senses are just the background of the Zone. Your 5 senses are just keeping you connected with your body but your mind is not processing with them. The mind is consciously processing in 6 sense universal awareness mode. And, I guess, the 5 senses then flip and work in the subconscious. All of you is calibrated in perfect harmony and you feel it in every fiber of your being. And it is an overall state of total euphoria and oneness and harmony. And then all of a sudden, when your “feat” is done, you just automatic snap back into real time. and you feel the the speed of real time and the disconnect from the Zone (at it’s peak state) but you are still on that high. You don’t plan the Zone. You do what you do and at some moment you hit this peak and enter it automatically. I guess it must be like hitting the sound barrier. You have to gain a certain momentum…and then you just tap into it…like a secret code to a portal. Maybe your energy alters, and when that happens you hit the same frequency of the universe or some different dimension.

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  1. Jenn…Thanks for your excellent description of the optimal flow experience…what I attempted to do in the blog is to primarily focus on the general public and how they can find the more ordinary and everyday flow experiences…even to consider developing a flow life style…a transcendental flow experience usually requires lengthy training and unique talents…Sid

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