Source: Surrender to Resistance

“When you have got an elephant by the hind legs and he is trying to run away, it is best to let him run.” – Abraham Lincoln

Many people think that “surrender” is a dirty word. But, there are situations in which surrendering is your best option. You give up control of a situation, only to gain it back.

Have you ever tried to do something, only to find yourself failing? So you try harder, but find yourself getting farther and farther away from where you want to be? That’s what it feels like to meet resistance. Typically, when we meet resistance we push harder, only to find that we create more. This is when it’s time to surrender.

Surrendering is a finesse move, not a power move. The ability to “go around” is one of the most potent weapons in your personal arsenal. Use it, and find yourself Flowing with the Universe. Ignore it, and find the Universe ignoring you. There are three steps to surrendering.


The first step in the art of surrender is to give up when you meet resistance. This requires noticing when you meet resistance (that shouldn’t be too hard) and consciously deciding that you won’t fight. You will always lose while trying to fight the Universe, because it is much bigger than you are, and consists of many, many interconnected events and situations. Recognizing that the Universe is more powerful than you is the fastest way to using your own power as an individual more effectively. Don’t try to fight the Universe; the Universe always wins.


If you are not going to push through the resistance, than what will you do? You will go around the resistance. Use your adaptability and creativity to think of a way around. When the Universe is telling you that it will not let you pass, it’s also silently telling you that there is another, better way around. Simply ask yourself, “If I can’t go through, then where can I go?” and listen for the answer. You will be able to come up with something. Try the first thing that comes to mind and trust yourself. You can’t take action if you can’t think of it first, right? So trust your creative thoughts.


When you try out your new idea for the first time, notice if you meet more resistance. If you do, stop, and think of another plan. But, if you don’t, move forward. You want to feel as if you are Flowing with the Universe. Finding your Flow doesn’t mean that the activity isn’t challenging or doesn’t require hard work, but it does mean that you feel as if you are moving forward rapidly, as if you found the right “grooves” to plug yourself into. You are doing your part, and the Universe is doing it’s part – that’s when you begin to Flow.

The next time you are looking to be more effective, look for the path of least resistance. The art of surrendering is the surest way to find this path.

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