Our rational mind is the home of all our social beliefs and conditioning…it sees everything as separate including a separate self with a separate brain, body, and environment…such assumptions are now causing havoc in the environment, society, and within our personal lifestyles…we are now discovering the rational mind can potentially also be irrational and destructive…and we have not as yet found an alternative solution.

In the 20th century, scientists discovered that everything is not separate, but instead are one interrelated whole…these discoveries were not found by the scientist’s rational mind but much to their surprise by using their intuitive mind…the genius of intuition was also revealed…Albert Einstein in one of his famous quotes said “the only real valuable thing is intuition.”

The potential of intuition has not as yet been discovered in the social sciences but promises to offer its own revolution…our rational mind was assumed to be the eventual cure for all our problems…but we now find it can even create bigger problems, particularly in the area of ideologies

We need to realize the rational mind is a very valuable tool but cannot lead us to solutions to important challenges we face… intuition can perceive common denominators in the large picture while the rational mind is limited to the small picture of numerators.

Those seeking spiritual insight find it only when they give up trying to seek a rational answer…and then suddenly the answer may come from some unknown source…our rational mind needs to fully experience total exhaustion before it will allow our “sacred intuition” to take on its true identity.

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